"La dame de la pluie"  &  "Torii

"The lady of the rain" Another watercolor + collage piece. Japanese inspiration~ Kimono pattern, kanzashi flores and origami cranes. I really don’t know what to say about this… I love the rain !! that’s why my pseudonym is (^^”) 

I was searching for some landscape on google, and found a photography of a japanese "Torii" so I decided to make a speed painting with markers and watercolors.

It seems that nobody on DA like my latest drawings… maybe b’cause they are not a pic’ of the latest meanstream manga/anime, movie or something… but I don’t care !! I’m still submitting my drawings on DA, because I like them as they are, just a piece made by inspiration, that’s why I call myself "artist", even if I’m not (and never will be) the best. Anyway… hope you like this and thaaaaaanks for all those who still support me, I’m really grateful with you m(_ _)m

Art by me : © Chibi-Onion